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Judy Weintraub

You are 14 years old and are told your kidneys aren’t working and that you will need kidney dialysis. What do you think? How do you feel? What do you do?



The film Life On The Bridge, a personal documentary, takes you through that fear and the belief that life is over. No matter what the obstacle, the potential of will is always there and it is within our power to create joy in life.  That realization took a lot of learning and growing on my part. Life On The Bridge is about refusing to take on other people’s negative attitudes. Ultimately, this is a story about overcoming adversity and shaping your own life.


Why “Life On The Bridge”?  When I was being tested for a kidney transplant back in 2000, a doctor in the transplant program said, “Well, you know, dialysis is just a bridge to transplantation,” “How can you say that to me? I’ve been living my life on that bridge!” And indeed, I have built a good life for myself on that bridge…. with kidney dialysis since 1975. The bridge is a metaphor for any circumstance that we face in our journey.


I invite you to join our community. Let’s create a conversation to overcome adversity and create joy in life. Together we can affect positive change.




2014 by Judy Weintraub.  All rights reserved


Here's a 5 minute preview of Life On The Bridge.                                       Enjoy!

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