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The Journey with Kidney Dialysis Begins

Years and years ago, 1975, to be precise, I was excited beyond words to receive my first kidney transplant. Just two months earlier, to my shock, disbelief and horror, my kidney function had decreased to the point where I needed to begin dialysis treatments.

I received the call the day after my sophomore year of high school was over. This is a sign, I thought. My life will return to normal. I’ll be able to pick up where I left off. This summer will be about taking care of this whole kidney mess. In the fall, I’ll start my junior year and continue where I left off…. And it will all be as I expect it to…
Not quite.

I’m in the operating room.. The ether mask is being lowered over my mouth and nose. I’m told to breathe in the gas and all at once, I smell the bitterness of it. The reality of the moment comes into focus. I want to bolt. Just break loose and run. Suddenly I hear a clear, small voice coming from deep inside: remember this time. And then I go out… I knew then that there was something very significant here, beyond what was happening to me…. there would be something to share.

And here I am almost 40 years of dialysis, of life, from that moment. I believe that little voice was talking about being given a life with adversity and the understanding that the great picture involves a gift - the immense gift that is life itself- the giant potential that lies therein- the potential we all hold of recognizing it… and creating joy for ourselves and for others.

This film, this project, this website will help take the action to continue the creation of positive change. No matter the challenge, look for the joy, find the joy and send it forward. I’m in absolute awe of it all.

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