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Touching Hearts

I just returned from an amazing week in New Orleans where I had the privilege of speaking before nurses and physicians. One talk centered around using my journey to talk about ways to get not only the people doing home dialysis treatment motivated and fully committed but the doctors and nurses as well. It was about educating people so that they can make the best choices for themselves. Both talks were well-received. I had many people approach me afterwards with wonderful remarks.

And all through the week, over three different professional conferences, I spoke to all kinds of people. One afternoon, I was wondering around an exhibit hall where people were displaying their research findings during a Poster Session.

A nurse and I got to talking about the field of dialysis and how people are doing. I briefly shared my story. We talked about how, with a chronic health condition, the only way to to thrive is to OWN what’s going on with you and not give it over to others. We laughed. We hugged. “You know,” she said to me, “when you first started talking to me, I thought you were talking to me about encouraging patients. Turns out, you encouraged ME! I’ve always thought I do a good job with dialysis patients. Now I’m going to go above and beyond.”


Thank you. The pleasure is mine.

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